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In March of 2021, Lorelai's quilting journey started with one project, a Quilt of Valor, for her mother.  She was gifted a "stash" of patriotic fabric and a used Brother's sewing machine.  Without a second thought, she jumped into the world of online tutorials.  By Mother's Day, the quilt was done.  


It was "love at first site" when Lorelai took hold of her first longarm machine.  Within 5 minutes of instruction, she was off and running.  By the time she had presented her first quilt she had dreams for 3 more! 

One trip to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival and a spin around the convention center to try out all of the longarms on the market was all that it took to find her perfect fit.  By July of 2021, Pigs in a Blanket Quilting was established. 


Before her first year of business had been completed, Lorelai added an industrial sewing machine to her studio.  Once she started sewing on that, there was no turning back.  She started producing quilted clothing and bags.  

In August 2022, Lorelai displayed her quilting skills at the Missouri State Fair. That year she won 12 blue, 13 red, and 7 white ribbons in the Home Economics Building.  Her efforts also resulted in winning the overall Best of Division among all exhibitors.   

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