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Preserving Memories

There are so many details to consider when choosing the design and style of your memory quilt. Read below to better understand the process. 

Directly Together

Pick your Style

Sashing Between Shirts


Sashing & Cornerstones

There are four design options for memory quilts.

Block Designs


Memory Quilts are made out of articles of clothing or household fabrics that hold value to you and your family. Usually this means t-shirts or baby onesies.  This fabric is supplemented with store-bought fabric for a finished effect.


The quilt is pinned onto two opposing 12-foot long rollers in 3 layers; the backing, the batting, and the quilt top. The rollers are used to display the quilt in sections, producing a taunt surface to work on.  

A longarm quilting machine is mounted on tracks with wheels that allow quilting in all directions.  Designs start with a simple meandering but can progress to a repeating pattern called a pantograph and then more complicated free-motion designs.


The final step takes a strip of fabric and machine sews it to the quilt back. The strip is then folded over the edge and hand sewn down to the quilt top. This is the most time consuming step but makes a beautiful finish. 

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