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Choosing a Quilt

There are several options to construct a one-of-a-kind quilted piece of art.  Read more to learn about the different ways that Pigs in a Blanket Quilting can help create your vision. 

Custom Pieced Quilt
These quilts are made entirely of new fabric and are arranged into the design of your choice. The sky is the limit on design choices for this type of quilt.

Memory Fabric Quilt
These quilts are constructed from sentimental fabric, such as T-shirts and baby onesies. The pieces of memory fabric are supplemented with new fabric for sashing, borders, backing, and binding.

Longarm Quilting
Some clients love piecing a quilt but most don't have the longarm machine or the practice needed to finish the quilt.  That is where Pigs in the Blanket Quilting will step in to finish the creation you made.


Clients either love to bind a quilt or they hate it.  For people who want to bind their own quilt, we will send it back unfinished.  For those that dislike binding, PBQ is happy to do the work for you. 

Quilted Decor
Want your own piece of quilted art but not looking for a quilt? PBQ also makes commissioned home decor like placemats, table runners, and wall hangings. 

Quilt of Valor
These quilts are made as part of a nationwide project to honor active duty service members or veterans.  PBQ participates in this charitable organization annually; making quilts to honor those who sacrificed for all Americans.  

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